No Password Required: A Pen Tester at Rapid7 With a Passion for LEGO Bricks, Star Wars, and Sometimes LEGO Star Wars

Shane Young is a penetration tester at Rapid7 whose real-life acting and cyber skills would have been a great addition to the “Oceans 11” team. In this episode, Shane joins the No Password Required team to share some of his exciting stories as a penetration tester, how hacking his high school’s network got him into the world of cybersecurity, and why LEGO bricks are really made for adults, not kids. Additionally, Shane, Ernie, and Clabby discuss The Mandalorian and the Star Wars universe (no spoilers!) Clabby and Ernie explore the controversial GoDaddy phishing campaign and the ethical ramifications of company phishing tests. In the “Positively Cyber” segment, Pablo Torres analyzes why Mulan has the skills and dedication to be a savvy network defender in our fictitious cybersecurity organization.