No Password Required: An Inherently Trusting Person in an Inherently Distrusting Profession

Melinda Lemke is the Head of Information Security at King & Spalding with a decade of leadership experience in the cyber industry. In this episode, Melinda joins the No Password Required team to talk about her experience as a woman and leader in this field, how professional mentors can enhance success, and the best yacht-rock bands of all time. Maybe most importantly, the team discusses the John Hughes movie universe and why Kevin McAllister is a better problem-solver than Ferris Bueller. Additionally, Ernie and Clabby explore the importance of password security and real-world ransomware attacks, including the ransomware attacks on Miami-Dade county schools. In the “Positively Cyber” segment, Pablo Torres explores the reasons why John Wick would be the perfect candidate for an elite penetration-tester position in our fictitious cybersecurity organization.