No Password Required: An Infowar Expert Paved the Path From Rock-And-Roll to Cybersecurity

Winn Schwartau is a security, privacy, infowar, and cyber-terrorism expert who has been paving the way in cybersecurity since 1983. He is often referred to as the “Civilian Architect of Information Warfare” and is known for his straight-shooting, no-BS originality. In this episode, Winn joins the No Password Required team to talk about how he went from the world of rock-and-roll to cybersecurity, times when he pissed off the CIA, and why Louis Armstrong wasn’t the best teacher he ever had (you read that right!) Ernie, Clabby, and Pablo talk about the reality of cybersecurity policies and employee training. In the Positively Cyber segment, Pablo introduces Snoop Dogg as the Dark Net Intelligence Analyst of our fictitious organization.