No Password Required: A Corvette-Driving Research Scientist Who Built His Own Video Games

Dr. Greg Hall is a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human-Machine Cognition and the University of West Florida. Dr. Hall is a Corvette-driving car lover who considers ALF to be one of the classics and has great taste in hats. He also does research in full-spectrum cyber operations and contributes to the Florida Cyber Range, a digital platform that provides training and testing solutions for academic, government, military, and industry. In this episode, Dr. Hall joins the No Password Required team to discuss his research in full-spectrum cyber operations, why the sit-and-spin has made a place in history as the best (and possibly most dangerous) childhood toy, and more. Ernie, Clabby, and Pablo discuss the government’s Rewards for Justice Program and the new $10 million reward for information. In the “Positively Cyber” segment, Pablo challenges Clabby by welcoming Harvey Specter to our fictitious cybersecurity organization as a Privacy and Cybersecurity Lawyer.